Your first appointment will be an assessment. This is your opportunity to express your difficulties, expectations, hopes and goals for therapy.  I will also ask you about your earlier life experiences to better understand your world.  Your assessment is also a chance for you to ask further questions and most importantly get a sense for whether you can be comfortable with me as the relationship you develop with your therapist is crucial on the way to your recovery and healing.

If you agree to work together, I will explain and guide you to choose the most effective therapy option depending on your goal for therapy. I will explain what to expect; the length of therapy depends on a number of factors including what type of therapy you want, your goals, how long you have been struggling with your difficulties, how much commitment you give to the sessions as well as completion of tasks given to you to work on between sessions.  We will regularly review and monitor your progress to ensure the sessions are effective.

Therapy sessions are usually on a weekly basis and each session is 50 to 90 minutes long depending on the type of therapy you choose